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XeroE is a leading provider of sustainable, emission-free last-mile deliveries. Leveraging a fleet of bicycles, cargo bikes, e-scooters and electric vans, XeroE is able to deliver parcels, packages and items of (almost!) every shape and size. 

XeroE is not a logistics company, it is a sustainability company, reducing greenhouse gases in cities by making emission-free deliveries available on demand. Driven by the vision of a future in which all journeys in urban areas are emission-free, the company aggregates all ZEV independent drivers in one place: a fleet of bikes, cargo bikes, electric motorbikes, electric cars, and vans.

Facts & Stats

(correct as of August 2021)
XeroE was set up in 2018 by co-founder and CEO Steve Evans
XeroE’s HQ is in London with offices in Bristol and coverage that includes Manchester, and, from November 2021, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham and Oxford.
XeroE has completed 327,735 deliveries since January 2020 
XeroE has travelled over 383,474km since January 2020 
XeroE has prevented 85,357kg of Carbon Dioxide from entering the atmosphere - emissions equivalent to charging 10.3 million smartphones.
XeroE has prevented 303,988g of Nitrogen Oxide from entering the atmosphere - equivalent to the emissions from powering 17 homes for a year.
XeroE couriers have travelled the equivalent distance around the world over 7.5 times 
XeroE is a London Living Wage employer

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Last updated: 24th August 2021