Cleaner air,
one delivery at a time.

We're at the forefront of sustainable, emission-free deliveries.
With a fleet of bicycles, cargo bikes, electric mopeds and vans, we're uniquely placed to deliver sustainable, 100% emission-free deliveries across the UK.
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What can we do?

All of our services are emission-free and carbon negative.


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We know some things just can't wait. Our emission-free fleet is raring to go.
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A robust and guaranteed next-day service with full tracking.
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& Trunking

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Can't get to us?
We'll come to you and connect you nationally.
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& Fulfilment

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We're able to provide long and short term storage, including fulfilment.
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Don't see what you're looking for? We pride ourselves in our versatility and adaptability.

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Why choose XeroE?

...because we enable
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Our mission is to enable people and organisations to access environmentally friendly transport when and where they need it. We do this by pooling as many of the UK’s fragmented supply of emission-free vehicles as possible on to the XeroE platform.
...because experience matters
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Our concierge service extends our partners’ brands and optimises the customer experience to the point of delivery. Our couriers provide the ultimate customer experience whilst wearing our partners’ branded merchandise and personally pass on any specific messages they may require.
...because we lead our industry
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Eco-friendly practices are incorporated at every stage of our operations. Any carbon debt incurred by our staff and office operations is offset with One Carbon World. XeroE is officially classed by The UN as carbon neutral.
...because we're data driven
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We're at the forefront of sustainable, emission-free deliveries. Data helps us improve and ensure we’re always ahead of the curve.