XeroE Announces Expansion to Nottingham

XeroE HQ

Nottingham’s first same day zero emission deliveries now available 

Last mile emissions-free delivery platform XeroE has launched in Nottingham this week, helping local businesses to deliver on sustainability goals whilst improving air quality around the city. Though Nottingham Council decided not to establish a Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) like other UK cities, around 80 per cent of its emissions still currently originate from roadside transport. This launch will aid businesses in the area in their own efforts to Net Zero – making Nottingham a cleaner place to live, work and breathe in the process.

The green delivery business XeroE already provides sustainable next day and same day deliveries across London, Manchester, Bristol, Bath and Oxford, with further expansions planned for other UK cities later this quarter. Demand for zero emission deliveries is growing at a considerable rate as businesses, councils and residents of cities look for clean air alternatives.

Sustainability trailblazer XeroE is a certified B Corporation, meaning it meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact. As the first UK platform to aggregate 100 per cent zero-emission drivers and riders from across cities onto one app, XeroE allows businesses in Nottingham to book on-demand and tackle urban air pollution in the process.

XeroE’s Sustainable Operations Lead, Jake de Buriatte Moglia, comments:

“It is always a privilege to support a new city and its residents in their mission for cleaner, greener and healthier air. The XeroE team will be out on the streets of Nottingham with our fleet of cargo bikes, bicycles, electric scooters and electric vans delivering sustainably as the city moves to reduce emissions.”

XeroE offers logistics consultancy sessions to examine the environmental impact of businesses packaging, labelling and deliveries in order to support supply chain decarbonisation.

The firm tracks all deliveries using a sustainability reporting algorithm developed in partnership with Imperial College London, of which a consumer version is also available. Businesses can visit https://calculator.xeroe.co.uk/ to calculate the emissions savings from making the switch to emissions-free deliveries in their city.

Nottingham-based businesses looking to embrace emissions-free deliveries in the city should reach out to the XeroE partnerships team via partnerships@xeroe.co.uk.