The Environmental Impact of Tourism

XeroE HQ

Tourism has an enormous impact on the environment. Although the world's population might not be jetting around this year, the next few years will see more harm.

It's estimated that by 2030, the increase in tourism-related CO2 emissions will rise by 25%. When we consider that nearly 1.5 billion tourists travel every year, that dire prediction is not too hard to believe.

Tourism has its good sides. It creates jobs, keeps local traditions alive, and can help local infrastructure. But the dark sides of tourism are all too stark, particularly concerning the environment.

Transportation of tourists results in often heavy air, noise, and light pollution. The presence of many people in one place also leads to waste accumulation, especially plastics. Many see eco-tourism, or responsible travelling, as a solution.

Many don't want to sacrifice global travel - after all, it's human nature to be curious. The desire to explore is part of our being.

The solution, in part, might be to look at what we can do closer to home to lessen our environmental impact.

One such way is by choosing environmentally friendly alternatives. XeroE does this for deliveries. In fact, in the last 12 months, we've saved over 72,000kg of CO2 emissions for our partners. That's the equivalent of over 290 hours of constant flying in a plane!*

So, what changes are you going to make?


Photo by Philip Myrtorp