Fertility: The Hidden Cost of Air Pollution

XeroE HQ

As a population, we are not entirely ignorant to the impacts of air pollution. Naively, we often consider air pollution as something that mainly affects  our respiratory system. Unfortunately, the health costs are far higher.

It's no secret that birth rates in Europe have been on a steady decline. Factors such as many adults postponing having children are a major but not the only factor.

Environmental factors can’t be neglected either. Air pollution, in particular, seems to have a detrimental impact on both male and female fertility.

In a ground-breaking study, higher exposure to air pollution has been found to lead to lower sperm count and poorer sperm quality in men. At the same time, women living in areas with high air pollution are more likely to develop menstrual cycle irregularities.

We can, however, limit the future impact. Changing to greener, more sustainable alternatives is an easy way of reducing air pollution. At XeroE, we our approach focuses on swapping out diesel and petrol powered deliveries for transport via bicycle couriers, electric vans, cargo bicycles and electric mopeds. Not only are we faster and more efficient than traditional carriers, we are emission-free. By making a simple switch, you too can drive change.

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