Delivery Mates acquires XeroE, expanding its reach in the sustainable last mile delivery market

Delivery Mates acquires XeroE, expanding its reach in the sustainable last mile delivery market

Teo Netto
Thursday, May 4, 2023

Delivery Mates, a leading on-demand delivery service provider, announced today the acquisition of XeroE, a B Corp Company in the same industry. This strategic move represents a significant milestone for Delivery Mates as it continues to expand its footprint and enhance its service offerings.

Just last month, Imperial College reported that air pollution harms people from before they are born through to old age, and there is no safe level of traffic fumes. It is independent businesses like Delivery Mates and XeroE that are truly making a difference and enabling cities to reach their net-zero targets.  

"We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of XeroE," said Ercilio de Oliveira, CEO of Delivery Mates. "This strategic move aligns with our mission to Become a Leader in sustainable Urban Logistics, applying sustainable and innovative growth to business and society. XeroE has built a strong reputation for its exceptional delivery services, and we are excited to integrate their expertise into our operations."

The acquisition of XeroE is part of Delivery Mates' aggressive growth strategy to expand its reach in the zero-emission last-mile delivery market. The company has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years, fuelled by increasing demand for sustainable, convenient and efficient delivery services. The acquisition of XeroE will further accelerate Delivery Mates' expansion plans, allowing it to serve more customers in more locations.

As a result of the acquisition, XeroE customers will gain access to Delivery Mates' advanced technology and operational capabilities, which will enhance its service capabilities and improve its overall operational efficiency. Customers can expect an even more streamlined and reliable delivery experience as a result of this acquisition.

"We are excited about the opportunities this acquisition brings," said Steve Evans, CEO and founder of XeroE. "Delivery Mates shares our commitment to improving the quality of urban air across the UK while providing exceptional service to customers and the ambition to develop a truly sustainable UK-wide delivery network.”

With the acquisition of XeroE, Delivery Mates is poised to become a dominant player in the last mile delivery market, offering an expanded range of services and an even stronger presence in the industry.

About Delivery Mates:

Delivery Mates is a leading sustainable logistics provider that offers a wide range of delivery solutions to individuals and businesses. With its reliable and efficient delivery services, Delivery Mates has become a trusted choice for customers seeking fast, sustainable, convenient, and cost-effective delivery options.

About XeroE:

XeroE is a prominent player in the zero-emission on-demand delivery market, specialising in next-day deliveries, same-day deliveries, and specialised deliveries for fragile or sensitive items. With a reputation for exceptional service and advanced technology, XeroE has been a preferred choice for companies seeking to deliver emission-free and meet their customers’ demands for a creditable sustainable option.


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