Crack Magazine Switches to Sustainable Deliveries by XeroE

XeroE HQ

XeroE is proud to have partnered with Crack Magazine, providing sustainable, emission-free delivery of the magazine in Bristol, Manchester and London via bicycle, cargo bike and electric van. 

The renowned and proudly independent publication has been at the forefront of music and youth culture for over 10 years and 100 issues, featuring landmark cover stories with the likes of: Aphex Twin, FKA twigs, Burna Boy, Charli XCX and Thom Yorke.

Luke Sutton, Commercial Director at Crack Magazine said “After more than a decade of us at Crack delivering magazines ourselves, we are thrilled to be making the essential environmental move to emission-free deliveries with the help of XeroE. Bringing back our free monthly magazine to the UK’s streets after the past 18 months has been our priority, and getting it into the hands of our loyal readers without polluting is an important step for Crack Magazine.”

XeroE CEO, Steve Evans said that "It’s a pleasure to be working alongside Crack Magazine. A traditionally environmentally damaging industry, XeroE is pleased to partner with Crack to set an example for sustainable print-based press.". 

Area Manager, Jake de Buriatte Moglia added that "Partnering with Crack Magazine exemplifies the relationships we love to form - by working together, we are able to make a continued positive impact on the environment we all share. Supporting another local business on a national scale is always brilliant. Whether you’re in Bristol, London or Manchester or further afield, get in touch. Let’s work towards a cleaner, greener and healthier future."

For more information about Crack Magazine, please visit their website or Instagram

For more information about XeroE, or if you’re thinking about making the switch to sustainable, emission-free deliveries, contact us.