Birmingham to Glasgow and back – by rail!

Birmingham to Glasgow and back – by rail!

Steve Evans
Thursday, February 1, 2024

The biggest problem in converting urban deliveries to sustainable vehicles has always been getting them into the centre of Cities in the first place.

Not only does this “middle mile” have to be done in unsustainable vehicles but it is very expensive unless you are one of the giant courier companies with an existing large sale network.

Parcel rail freight was pioneered as Red Star using the British Rail national network launched in the 60’s with City Link as the final mile delivery partner. The service declined as the network was privatised.  

Now, working with Varamis Rail reviving high speed rail logistics we can announce the launch of a rail freight service connecting Birmingham and Glasgow.

Establishing XeroE's operational hub in Glasgow has paved the way for this transformative rail freight service.

Client deliveries will be aggregated, dropped off at Birmingham International station, then seamlessly transported to Glasgow Central via the rail network. Once in Glasgow, the last-mile delivery will be carried out using eco-friendly cargo bikes, reducing carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable urban delivery ecosystem.

This solution is not only more sustainable but substantially cheaper.


We are now looking for businesses that would like to consider using the service in the opposite direction from Glasgow.


As Varamis extends its route network around the UK we look forward to getting more client products into city centres so we can make even more last mile deliveries at competitive prices.

The next route will be Birmingham to London later this year.